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  • Zeolite Granules For Aquaculture
  • Zeolite Granules For Aquaculture
Zeolite Granules For Aquaculture

Zeolite Granules For Aquaculture

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Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Kilogram

Packaging Size25 kg
Shape / FormGranules
Type of Zeolite UsedNatural Zeolite
Packaging TypeHDPE Bags
ColorOff White
zeolite granulesZeolite Granules (Natural), a naturally occurring mineral, have several applications in agriculture due to their unique properties.

Here are some common uses and applications of Zeolite Granules Natural in agriculture:

Soil Amendment: Zeolite granules can be added to soil as a soil conditioner or amendment. They improve soil structure, water retention, and aeration. Zeolites can also help in reducing soil compaction, making it easier for plant roots to penetrate the soil and access nutrients.

Nutrient Retention: Zeolites have a high cation exchange capacity (CEC), which allows them to retain and slowly release essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. This helps in preventing nutrient leaching and making nutrients more available to plants over time.

pH Buffering: Zeolites can help stabilize soil pH levels by buffering against extreme pH fluctuations. This is particularly useful in acidic or alkaline soils, as it helps maintain a more neutral pH range conducive to plant growth.

Water Management: Zeolite granules can absorb and hold water within their porous structure, making them useful in drought-prone areas. They release the stored water to plants as needed, reducing the frequency of irrigation and water wastage.

Odor Control: Zeolites have the ability to absorb and neutralize ammonia and other odorous compounds. In livestock farming, zeolite can be added to animal bedding or manure piles to reduce odors and improve air quality.

Soil Remediation: Zeolites can be used in soil remediation projects to reduce the levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. They can adsorb toxic substances, making the soil safer for plant growth.

Fertilizer Enhancer: Zeolites can be incorporated into fertilizers to enhance their performance. By improving nutrient retention and slow-release properties, zeolites can increase the efficiency of fertilizers, reducing the need for frequent applications.

Livestock Feed Additive: In animal husbandry, zeolite can be included in animal feed to bind mycotoxins and improve digestion. It can also help reduce the incidence of diarrhea and improve overall animal health.

Hydroponics and Greenhouse Growing: Zeolites can be used as a substrate in hydroponic systems or greenhouse growing. They provide a stable and nutrient-rich medium for plant roots.

Pest Control: Zeolite can be used as a carrier for natural pesticides and herbicides, helping to improve their adhesion to plant surfaces and prolong their effectiveness.

Erosion Control: Zeolite can be used to stabilize soil and prevent erosion in areas prone to soil erosion, such as slopes and construction sites.

Seed Coating: Coating seeds with a zeolite-based formulation can enhance seed germination, improve seedling vigor, and protect seeds from soil-borne pathogens.

When using zeolite granules in agriculture, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your crops and soil conditions. The application rates and methods may vary depending on the intended use and the characteristics of the soil. Consulting with an agricultural expert or soil scientist can help determine the most effective and appropriate use of zeolite in your farming practices.

Zeolite Granules (Natural), a naturally occurring mineral with a unique porous structure, have various applications beyond agriculture.

Here are some common uses and applications of natural zeolite granules in other industries and fields:

Water Filtration: Zeolite granules are widely used in water treatment and purification processes. Their porous structure allows them to adsorb heavy metals, ammonia, and other contaminants, making them effective in treating industrial wastewater, municipal water supplies, and even in-home water filtration systems.


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  • Production Capacity: 500 ton per month

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